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Three elements are essential to a healthy work culture: Ethics, Respect, and Inclusion. Emtrain's relevant, engaging courses capture and measure dynamics for all three culture drivers.

Going Backwards: Workplace Culture in 2023

In the last year, social and economic factors, such as layoffs and budget constraints, have shifted the focus from employee experience and diversity to profitability and shareholder value. This has resulted in a stark, negative shift in employee sentiments regarding the issues that most impact workplace culture and the employee experience.

What's in the report?

  • Which key social indicators have dropped off this year
  • Specific negative shifts in employee sentiment
  • An assessment of the varying social factors that impact how we work together
Going Backwards: Workplace Culture in 2023


Over 20 million employee sentiment data points from 366,000 employees to provide insights into key Workplace Social Indicators™ that impact company culture.

Emsight 12% decrease in employees seeing the value of creating respectful work relationships
Emsight 4.21% decline in positive responses to the questions that inform the advancing Allyship
Emsight 20% decrease in employees who agree people act as allies in my organization when a situation calls for it.
Emsight 11% decrease in employees who agree people at my work would make a concerted effort to use correct pronouns.
8% decrease in employees who agree senior leaders lead by example when it comes to making decisions that put the interests of the organization first.
9% decrease in employees who agree our leaders wouldn't work with a third party with a bad reputation even if it were critical to getting a deal.

A Data-Driven Approach to Winning the War for Talent During the Great Resignation

The takeaway message here is clear. Respect, authenticity and belonging, and confidence in career development opportunities are all impacted by workplace bias. Furthermore, sexual harassment is strongly linked to bias, belonging, and confidence in career development opportunities.

- Joan C. Williams, Director of the Center for WorkLife Law

The KPIs of Ethics, Respect, and Inclusion

Emtrain’s diagnostic approach enables workplace ethics, respect, and diversity leaders to identify issues, change behaviors, and solve problems. Emtrain’s training embeds dialogue-based research tools within the learner experience with the clear goal: isolate issues around ethics, respect, and inclusion. We then evaluate how they each weave into the social fabric of your workplace, ultimately empowering you to build strong teams, bettering executive culture, and facilitate a healthy workplace and culture.

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