Workplace Culture Research

Three elements are essential to a healthy work culture: Ethics, Respect, and Inclusion. Emtrain's relevant, engaging courses capture and measure dynamics for all three culture drivers.

How we spark conversation

Our training content engages employees in a relevant learning dialogue. We're interested in skills and knowledge, but more importantly in the way the social dynamics of an organization influence how people work together to reach common goals.

- Janine Yancey, Founder & CEO

With Emtrain data, you can...

  • Reduce risk and claims
  • Improve employee retention, productivity, and diversity
  • Substantiate goodwill of your corporate brand
  • Measure what matters


Over 20 million employee sentiment data points from 366,000 employees to provide insights into key Workplace Social Indicators™ that impact company culture.

Only 9% of people working in real estate consistently see colleagues provide feedback when someone does something inappropriate
Only 34% of legal professionals believe that contractors and part-time workers are treated with the same respect as full-time employees.
Only 37% of people working in higher education feel that contributions by males and females are evaluated equally.
Only 34% of accounting and financial services professionals feel they can their authentic selves at work.
Most employees see inappropriate behaviors go unchecked.
Most people highly value empathy but infrequently practice it.
Employees don't feel like they belong at work; leaders aren't helping
Strong workplace cultures start with strong and intentional norms

What does our data provide?

We analyze the data gathered from these dialogues using our unique diagnostic framework to benchmark social indicators in the areas of Respect, Inclusion, and Ethics. Our workplace culture analytics help business leaders understand where they are underperforming and recommend actions they can take to reduce risk and increase productivity.

- Robert Todd, Chief Product Officer

The KPIs of Ethics, Respect, and Inclusion

Emtrain’s diagnostic approach enables workplace ethics, respect, and diversity leaders to identify issues, change behaviors, and solve problems. Emtrain’s training embeds dialogue-based research tools within the learner experience with the clear goal: isolate issues around ethics, respect, and inclusion. We then evaluate how they each weave into the social fabric of your workplace, ultimately empowering you to build strong teams, bettering executive culture, and facilitate a healthy workplace and culture.

A Data-Driven Approach to Winning the War for Talent During the Great Resignation

The takeaway message here is clear. Respect, authenticity and belonging, and confidence in career development opportunities are all impacted by workplace bias. Furthermore, sexual harassment is strongly linked to bias, belonging, and confidence in career development opportunities.

- Joan C. Williams, Director of the Center for WorkLife Law

Workplace Culture Trends

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