2021 Workplace Culture Report: Respect

Workplace Culture Insights Report 2021 : Latest on cultural behaviors in the workplace

Unlock vital insights with the 2021 Workplace Culture Report by Emtrain, a comprehensive analysis of workplace dynamics centered around respect, inclusion, and ethics. This report, built on an extensive dataset of 23 million employee sentiment points from over 370,000 employees across 400+ companies, provides a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities that define today’s workplace cultures. As organizations navigate a rapidly changing world marked by a pandemic, social justice movements, and evolving work environments, understanding these dynamics is more critical than ever.

The report reveals that organizational culture is under immense stress, with a notable increase in employees citing weak corporate culture as the primary source of workplace conflict. This highlights the need for strong, resilient cultures that can adapt to change and support employee well-being. Despite these challenges, the report finds that belonging, although not significantly improved, did not worsen, demonstrating the resilience of ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts. However, there remains substantial work to be done, with many employees feeling they cannot be their authentic selves at work.

Power dynamics continue to influence workplace interactions, particularly in remote settings. The report shows a troubling trend where fewer employees feel comfortable saying “no” to inappropriate requests from managers, and many lack confidence that their complaints will be taken seriously. Encouragingly, the report also notes an increase in employees willing to act as upstanders, intervening when they witness inappropriate behavior, reflecting a growing commitment to fostering respectful workplaces.

For organizations looking to build healthier, more inclusive cultures, the 2021 Workplace Culture Report offers actionable insights and benchmarks. It emphasizes the importance of measuring respect and other core competencies to track progress and address issues proactively. Download the 2021 Workplace Culture Report now to equip your organization with the knowledge and tools to create a more respectful and productive work environment. Visit Emtrain to explore how their eLearning and data-driven solutions can support your journey.

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