Recruitment Harassment Response

What Message Are You Sending?

When someone brings up a people problem, managers need to listen and consider it, regardless of their first impression. Creating healthy cultures is about understanding the impact of a leader's actions, such as sending your team the right message about values. Sometimes a business need may be so great, that the potential culture issue it may cause seems minor.

Microlesson Description

This microlesson illustrates an inappropriate situation between a recruiter and a candidate, and a manager's poor response to the potential harassment complaint. Managers lead by example and the message they send through their conduct is often the most powerful. If a manager is putting business needs before the organization’s mission, values, or culture needs, then that sends a bad message to your employees, and can ultimately hurt your company values.

Key Concepts

  • Conduct by vendors, visitors, clients or candidates can still create potential harassment situations.
  • The way managers respond will send a message about how seriously your organization takes culture and respect issues.
  • Managers should speak up or talk with HR or Legal if they see potential misconduct being mishandled.
  • Nobody is a bystander, so everyone has a stake in creating a positive, healthy work culture.
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