Create an Inclusive Meeting Space

Being Heard in Meetings

Unconscious bias can negatively impact meetings, leading to think that certain people will have something important to contribute - and that others won't. This can skew which people and ideas get heard, without anyone realizing it. Whether it is intentional or not, managers and employees need to create a space to include everyone’s ideas and perspectives, which will ultimately lead to better decisions.

Micro Lesson Description
In this micro lesson, employees will learn how they can be sure they’re heard in meetings. We illustrate how unconscious bias can impact how meetings are conducted, the way everyone participates in them, and who gets heard and valued. This lesson also includes a checklist on how to have an effective meeting that creates a space for multiple voices to be heard.

Key Concepts

  • Unconscious bias is an unintentional process that creates unintended consequences.  
  • Checking unconscious bias doesn’t mean you need to treat some people specifically. 
  • Adopt basic rules to ensure everyone has a chance to be heard.
  • Minimizing the impact of unconscious bias leads to better decisions and happier, more productive teams.
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