Respecting Different Employee Values

A Place at the Table

A lack of social awareness can create negative working relationships among employees. "Harmless" jokes or comments might actually be offensive to others, especially around politically sensitive topics. Social awareness of employees values is key to creating a culture where people can think differently and still work well together.

Microlesson Description

This microlesson demonstrates how co-workers can wander into a conversation using unwelcome conduct, almost by accident, and without being socially aware of another employees values and/or opposite beliefs. While the comments and points of view are not meant to intentionally hurt anyone and will differ from one another, the impact on another person can be just as bad.

Key Concepts

  • Acknowledging that everyone has their own opinions and points of view.
  • Don’t assume that everyone shares personal or professional opinions. 
  • How to be intentional about giving everyone the space to have their own beliefs.
  • Employees can have a healthy and productive work relationship even if they disagree with each other.
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