Social Media Harassment at Work

What To Do When The Digital World Impacts Work

Employees should think twice before inviting co-workers to their social sites. At best, blurring personal and professional can get weird, at worst, serious issues will escalate to HR. It’s important that employers take all harassment complaints seriously, even those that occur online and out of the office.

Micro Lesson Description
In this micro lesson, we provide guidance on what to do if an employee crosses a line with another colleague. If an employee’s conduct after-hours feels inappropriate, that's not just a personal problem. It's a work problem, too. This can include online activities such as texting and posting comments on their social media.

Key Concepts

  • Social media conduct can negatively impact you at work – regardless of when or how the conduct occurs.
  • Messaging, texting, and social media activity can lead to a harassment situation.
  • If you’re the target of inappropriate online or digital contact, let your supervisor or HR know. They can’t help if they don’t know.
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