What We Offer

Experience a new way of online training that embeds dialogue-based research tools within the learner experience. This workplace culture platform reinvents compliance training with built-in culture analytics, and company benchmarking.

“Our launch went off without a hitch and we have already gotten incredibly positive feedback about the training experience.”

–DEI Leader, Medical Industry (Enterprise)

Build A Sense of Belonging in the Workplace

Workplace Culture Platform

Many organizations have found that their learning management system lacks the tools they need to effectively engage their workforce. That’s why we assembled a team of learning technology pioneers to build a new kind of platform that’s focused on the employee experience and powerful new Culture Analytics™.

Emtrain AI provides a beautifully simple user experience for both employees and program managers. It’s fast, intuitive, and works accessible from any device. It’s built around an innovative new content format and tools that simplify content authoring and customization. And it automates training delivery and recertification with a few clicks.

But Emtrain AI isn’t just a learning platform. We added powerful tools that turn the online learning experience into a dialog. Dialog drives behavior change and provides you with rich insights into the mindsets and behaviors that are shaping your workplace culture—before they turn into legal claims or reputational harm. That’s why we call Emtrain AI a workplace culture platform.


Engage your employees on any device with a consumer-grade user experience


Automate role-based onboarding and recertification


Use the training experience to gain deep insights with Culture Analytics ™


We built our reputation by offering the most authentic and engaging elearning courses on the market. Our new online courses take the learning experience to a new level. Designed for mobile, your employees will have unprecedented control over when, where, and how they engage.

And because we’ve developed an innovative new content architecture, you’ll have an unprecedented ability to customize the learning experience to align with your unique culture and the needs of your workforce, your industry, and your priorities.

Featured Courses

Preventing Workplace Harassment Training India

Designed to meet India’s PoSH statutory requirements for sexual harassment training for all employees.

Global Data Privacy Workplace Training

A must take course for any organization handling PI.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Training Course

Allow everyone to be their authentic selves.

Micro Lessons

Comprehensive online courses are a necessary part of workplace training and compliance programs, but behavior change requires ongoing engagement. Our library of video-based micro lessons allows you to keep the conversation going with 3-5 minute blasts that can address a single timely topic or an easily assembled multi-topic campaign. Employees can access provocative and practical resources with a single click from a customizable email invitation. And you can deploy any micro lesson with a few clicks, or assemble a customized multi-lesson campaign that addresses a set of related topics that match the needs of your organization.

Our microlessons are built on the same innovative content architecture as our comprehensive online programs, so you can also select a single program lesson to send as a micro lesson reinforcement after formal training.

Featured Microlessons

Shifting Our Mental Images of Women in the Workplace

Create an equitable society by shifting our perspectives of women.

Black Health and Wellness

Celebrate the medical achievements and contributions made by Black Americans.

Black History Month

Celebrating contributions and achievements of Black Americans.