Celebrating Women Trailblazers

How Far We've Come, and What's Still Yet to Come

Through their leadership and activism, women have paved the way for greater representation and equity in various industries and communities. They've been a driving force behind diversity and inclusion efforts in the corporate world, as well as the public sector. Take a step back and appreciate how far we've come, and acknowledge the work that is still ahead.

Microlesson Description

This lesson celebrates a few of the many accomplishments women have made and explores their role in shaping a more equitable world for everyone. This lesson is a perfect accompaniment to a Women's History Month program, or a National Women's Day (Aug 9, 2024) or International Women's Day (March 8, 2024) celebration.

Key Concepts

  • Women play a pivotal role in advancing diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Their contributions to STEM, business, the arts, politics, etc. have had a profound impact
  • We must acknowledge the barriers to women’s success
  • Be an advocate for women by supporting women-owned businesses, amplifying their voices, speaking out against gender bias, and more
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