Who We Are

We believe that a healthy workplace culture is the foundation of company performance and employee success. Over the past decade, Emtrain has taken a different path than other companies in our space – instead of offering companies the minimum they need to meet legal requirements, we’ve developed innovative approaches to changing the behaviors that define workplace culture.

Founder’s Story

From the very start, Emtrain has been on a mission to create healthier organizations by developing peoples’ skills in ethics, respect and inclusion. At Emtrain we are committed to reducing organizational risk and helping you build a strong culture by making the opaque transparent. We provide actionable data driven insights and benchmark your organizational health in the areas such as ethics, compliance, diversity and inclusion.

Janine Yancey, started her career as an employment lawyer, representing tech companies in San Francisco. She grew frustrated at the limitations of the legal system to solve problems because of the “litigation avoidance trap,” meaning a focus on defending potential claims rather than focusing on the issues that caused the claim. Typical “check-the-box” compliance training didn’t address any real organizational problems, and an annual “information dump” on complex topics like ethics, harassment, and bias couldn’t stand up against real culture issues. Companies need to be able to identify the concealed risk hiding behind dated organizational norms. So Janine set off to reduce legal risk but identify potential problems before they occur. Developing an early warning system with up to date laws and best practices was the only solution.

Leadership Team

As HR professionals and culture keepers, we know it’s all about the team. A good team can build something truly incredible together . . . or not. And it’s not only the unique attributes of each team member—it’s what they create together that shows their synergy and power.

As a women-led, bootstrapped business, it’s been a journey to recruit an amazing team and we now have one! Here are just a few of Emtrain’s leaders. Each of them brings a unique skill set and talent to create our solutions. And each person has a unique reason to be passionate about workplace culture, with their own story to share.

Founder & CEO
Workplace Visionary

Chief Product Officer

VP of Marketing

Director of People Operations

VP of Engineering

Senior Director of Sales Operations


Each person listed here has helped build organizations valued at hundreds of millions or billions of dollars. They are creators. And they’re advising Emtrain because, like us, they see a need in the market for cloud-based guidance and analytics on workplace culture issues that will move us all forward and make the workplace a better experience for everyone.

Talent and Culture Strategist
Women's Advocate
Former Managing Director at BlackRock

Founder, Cadigan Talent Ventures

Former VP of Global Sales Operations at Linkedin

CEO PicMonkey

VP Corporate Development and Strategy at Techstars

Board of Directors

Founder & CEO
Workplace Visionary

Founder & Managing Partner
Education Growth Partners

CFO, VailMail


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