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  • Workplace Social Indicators
  • Health Overview
  • Benchmark Scores & Implications
  • Recommended Actions
  • Segmentation

Workplace Social Indicators

Get a birds-eye view of your Social Indicator scores on-demand and understand areas for growth and improvement.

Health Overview

Make more data-informed training decisions. Get a peek into benchmarked scores for all Social Indicators.

Benchmark Scores & Implications

Dive deeper into your organization's Social Indicators, keep track of score changes and progress over time, and uncover areas where more data collection is needed.

Recommended Actions

Operationalize your data by rolling out targeted training. Instantly, get research-based content recommendations designed to increase awareness and build employee skills.


Dive even deeper into your Social Capital Indicator scores to uncover the range of anti and pro-social behaviors among groups in your organization compared to other organizations out there. This enables you to identify your hotspots and roll out more focused trainings.

How Emtrain uses the data?

Emtrain aggregates your employee's responses to the questions within our microlessons and courses. All data is anonymized. With that data, our solution creates a benchmark of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization's culture.

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