Social Media in the Workplace

The Work Impact of Social Media

It's important to build personal relationships with coworkers, and sometimes that means connecting on social media. But this can get awkward, and has implications for how people work together. When we hop online at the end of the day, we often let our guard down. And no, we shouldn't have to behave the same online as we would at the office, but we should still be conscious of who we are connecting with, and how our words can effect them.

Micro Lesson Description
In this micro lesson, we depict the effects of a team connecting on social media. A number of people chime in on a sensitive issue: mental health and medication. Some employees are a bit too candid with their views, and subsequently, an employee is afraid to ask for accommodation for his disability. This micro lesson does not tell you what you can and cannot say on social media. It is a lesson in mindfulness, and a reminder that words have consequences.

Key Concepts

  • Encourage employees to think carefully about whether they want to share their personal social media posts with their colleagues.
  • How thoughtless or unkind social media posts can impact work culture and work relationships.
  • Social media posts that are discriminatory or harassing violate company policies and could violate the law.
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