Social Media Drama at Work

How Social Media Impacts Respect and Empathy

Building personal relationships with coworkers sometimes means connecting on social media. But this can get awkward, and it has implications for how people work together. When we hop online at the end of the day, we often let our guard down. And no, we shouldn't have to behave the same online as we would at the office, but we should still be conscious of who we are connecting with, and how our words can affect them.

Microlesson Description

This microlesson is intended to remind employees that their viewpoints on social media can affect their relationships at work. An inflammatory post about a social justice movement can quickly turn into a workplace dispute. This microlesson does not tell you what you can and cannot say on social media. It is a lesson in mindfulness, and a reminder that words have consequences.

Key Concepts

  • On social media, the line between personal and professional becomes blurred
  • Be mindful of the content you post when connecting with co-workers on social media
  • Accounts associated with co-workers or employers may not be the best place to share polarizing opinions
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