Establishing Healthy Norms of Behavior

Just the Way We Do Things

Everyone wants a healthy, positive workplace, but healthy doesn’t mean perfect. The key thing to remember is that as humans, we’ll eventually hit some bumps in the road. We're always evolving, and that means our language needs to evolve too. Are your managers skilled at giving real-time feedback in a way that's helpful and not overbearing?

Microlesson Description

In this microlesson, we demonstrate what a shared sense of “what’s ok” looks like, creating a healthy, respectful workplace. There are rules of the road that keep everyone on track - and ensures that everyone understands expectations.

Key Concepts

  • Shared understanding and expectations around behavior are a key element in creating a healthy work culture.
  • We can all support positive work norms through the choices we make and the actions we take.
  • While lots of things go into a healthy work culture, the ability to give and receive honest, conduct-focused feedback is among the most important.
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