Culture Fit & Inclusive Recruiting

What culture fit recruiting actually means and why it’s important to understand it

Employers are always looking to hire the best talent and “culture fit.” However, there's a double meaning when you have people interview for "culture fit.” Biases can be brought unconsciously during interviews (inclusive recruiting), resulting in misleading information about the overall company culture. Make sure your team isn't bringing their bias to their interviews.

Microlesson Description

In this Culture Fit & Inclusive Recruiting microlesson, we demonstrate how culture fit can be an important criterion for hiring. The lesson defines what culture fit really means and why it matters to the employer and its teams. And how to properly use the term culture fit in the right context can help hiring managers and interviewees assess candidates appropriately.

Key Concepts

  • Culture fit is how someone aligns with the employer’s values – not whether they’re like everyone else on the team.
  • How explaining what you mean by culture fit can put a candidate at ease and help them share relevant experiences.
  • Interviewing is about finding the best candidate for the job – not the person you like best.
  • Assessing culture fit in day-to-day interactions with co-workers is important too.
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