Here’s Why You Can’t Seem to Hire the Right Person for the Job

What happens when you want to hire a new team member but don’t know if they will be the right fit for your organization?

Imagine walking into an interview and not having a set of questions ready to go or even a clear job description in front of you for the position you are hiring. Does this sound all too familiar or absolutely unacceptable? Either way, situations like this are the reason why hiring managers don’t get the right talent they are searching for and often leads to high turnover rates for the organization.

When looking for someone to join your team it is necessary to establish a clear and concise hiring process. Enabling your managers to imagine who is and who is not a good fit for any given role should be the goal before they even sit down with anyone. It’s decisions based off of personal preferences or biases, rather your organization’s qualifications, that are often the wrong decisions.

As a hiring manager, it is important to be mindful of the type of person you are wanting to bring on board. Having a concrete example of what the hiring process should look like can provide your organization with a clear understanding of expectations and can even make the process less stressful for everyone.

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Alicia Busse

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