Email Communications at Work

Using Email Effectively

The transition to remote work puts a strain on workplace communication. Without the daily, in-person interactions we once relied on for effective communication, we rely on emailing and other forms of digital communication. That's why it's so important that we have effective email correspondences.

Micro Lesson Description
In this microlesson, we provide the do’s and dont’s of email communication among employees and when an email is the best form of communication. It includes simple tips on how to organize email messaging for clarity and effect and the impression that an email will leave for the reader. Being thoughtful and intentional is more important than ever as we rely on electronic communication formats to keep us connected and working in this new post-virus world.

Key Concepts

  • Learn when to communicate via email, and when not to
  • How to structure emails with clarity and effectiveness
  • How to write emails with the recipient in mind, so that they land well
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