2020 Workplace Culture Report

2020 Workplace Culture Report

Unlock the critical insights contained within Emtrain’s 2020 Workplace Culture Report. This comprehensive analysis dives into the core elements that define and shape workplace culture, including power dynamics, organizational norms, and unconscious bias. Drawing from a robust dataset of over 2.5 million employee sentiment responses from more than 40,000 employees across 125 companies, the report offers a detailed examination of the underlying social dynamics that impact workplace interactions and overall culture health.

One of the report’s key revelations is the importance of strong organizational norms. Employees who perceive their company as having well-understood and positive norms are more than twice as likely to describe their workplace culture as healthy. These norms not only guide behavior but also help mitigate the negative effects of unconscious bias, power abuses, and in-group/out-group dynamics. This emphasis on deliberate, positive norms underscores the necessity for leaders to model and reinforce these behaviors consistently.

Additionally, the report explores the pervasive impact of power dynamics in the workplace. It reveals that nearly one-third of employees identify power disparity as a significant source of conflict. Understanding and addressing these dynamics are crucial for fostering an environment where employees feel safe and respected. The 2020 Workplace Culture Report provides actionable insights and benchmarks that can help organizations create a more inclusive and respectful workplace. For example, companies with empathetic leaders and strong norms see better employee engagement and lower conflict rates.

To gain a deeper understanding of how these dynamics play out in real-world settings and to learn practical strategies for improvement, download the 2020 Workplace Culture Report today. Equip your organization with the knowledge and tools necessary to build a thriving, respectful, and inclusive workplace. Visit Emtrain to explore more about their innovative solutions and how they can support your organizational goals.


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