Workplace Culture Report 2020: Executive Summary

2020 Workplace Culture Report Cover Emtrain

Dive into the essential insights of Emtrain’s 2020 Workplace Culture Report Executive Summary and uncover the factors that drive organizational success. This comprehensive report is based on an extensive dataset of 2.5 million employee sentiment responses from over 40,000 employees across 125 companies. It provides a deep analysis of the root causes of workplace culture failures and offers a proven formula to create and maintain healthy workplace cultures.

The 2020 Workplace Culture Report Executive Summary identifies six key indicators impacting workplace culture: in-group/out-group dynamics, power dynamics, norms and practices, unconscious bias, social intelligence, and pre-existing mindsets. Understanding these indicators is crucial for any organization aiming to foster a respectful, inclusive, and productive work environment. The report highlights that strong organizational norms are the most significant predictor of a healthy workplace culture. Employees in companies with well-understood norms of behavior are more than twice as likely to describe their workplace culture as healthy.

Power dynamics and in-group/out-group dynamics also play a critical role in shaping workplace interactions. Nearly one-third of employees identify power disparity as a significant source of conflict at work, while 38% cite in-group/out-group dynamics as the greatest source of conflict in their organizations. Addressing these dynamics requires a strong feedback culture and empathetic leadership to ensure that power is used appropriately and that all employees feel valued and supported.

Additionally, the report sheds light on the pervasive impact of unconscious bias and the importance of social intelligence in navigating workplace relationships. Only 32% of employees feel they can be their authentic selves at work, underscoring the need for organizations to implement practices that mitigate bias and enhance empathy and social awareness among employees.

For organizations looking to build a healthier, more inclusive culture, the 2020 Workplace Culture Report Executive Summary offers actionable insights and benchmarks. Download the full report today to equip your organization with the knowledge and tools to create a thriving workplace environment. Visit Emtrain to explore how their innovative solutions can support your cultural transformation goals.


Workplace Culture Report 2020 Executive Culture Summary

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