2021 Workplace Culture Report: Inclusion

2021 Inclusion Workplace Culture Report

Unlock the power of inclusion with the 2021 Workplace Culture Report by Emtrain, a comprehensive guide to understanding and improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This detailed report is based on responses from over 83,000 employees across nearly 100 companies, capturing 7 million data points on employee sentiment regarding their experiences and observations of workplace culture. The report introduces Emtrain’s unique framework for measuring inclusion, presenting findings that underscore the importance of viewing inclusion as a core competency that requires ongoing skill development. By operationalizing inclusion, organizations can enhance productivity, innovation, and overall employee satisfaction.

The 2021 Workplace Culture Report reveals that only 53% of employees believe their workplace culture is healthy in terms of diversity and inclusion, and just 52% feel their organization is genuinely committed to these values. Despite the slow progress, there is an urgent need for executives to drive diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as strategic business initiatives. The report outlines six key Inclusion Indicators—Decision-Making Processes, Valuing Differences, Allyship, Demographic Experience, Curiosity & Empathy, and Authenticity & Belonging—that are essential for creating an inclusive work environment. These indicators provide actionable insights and a structured approach to measure and improve inclusion within organizations.

Moreover, the report emphasizes the critical role of leaders in fostering an inclusive culture and offers strategic recommendations to accelerate progress. With societal and regulatory pressures, such as those from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), shaping the need for transparency and accountability in diversity and inclusion efforts, the 2021 Workplace Culture Report is an invaluable resource. Download the report now to equip your organization with the tools and knowledge needed to create a more inclusive, respectful, and thriving workplace.

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