Two Gear Method Decision-Making

How to Think Critically

The Two Gear Method is a model of how we as humans think. When we think with our “little gear” our brain moves quickly, making assumptions, relying on old patterns, and processing information automatically. Thinking with our big gear requires slowing down and assessing the situation more critically. Though it’s easy to use our little gear all the time, this can lead to biased decisions based on faulty assumptions. 

Microlesson Description

This microlesson provides an introduction to the Two Gear Method and shows how you can slow down your thinking to make more careful decisions. By seeking input from others, questioning our assumptions, and giving time to make our decisions, we can use our big gear to improve how we think.

Key Concepts

  • How the Two Gear Method of decision making works
  • Ways to switch from one gear to another
  • How thinking with you big gear improve your decision making
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