Managing Unconscious Bias

Managing Unconscious Bias

[eBook] How to Manage Unconscious Bias to Make Better People Decisions

For many, bias is a negative term. But unconscious bias is a neutral topic that refers to our physiology. It’s when our unconscious feelings shortcut our decision-making—which can lead to skewed results.

Unconscious bias is a relatively simple concept. Our brains are wired like relational databases. We’re actually wired to “guess at” answers based on the existing data in our brains. And when we have limited information (limited experiences with specific groups of people), we rely on a minimal set of images and associations. Just like artificial intelligence (AI) triggers responses based on patterns and associations, our brain does the same thing.

Typically, it’s an efficient process—such as extrapolating how to use an unfamiliar electronic device. But, sometimes, it’s inaccurate and leads to poor decisions that impact people—some positively and some negatively. But at its core, unconscious bias is a team performance issue. To perform at the highest levels, we all need a framework for making excellent, fact-based people and talent decisions.

Our ability to recruit and retain the highest caliber talent requires excellent people decision skills and a culture of inclusion. So, how do we manage unconscious bias? Simple. Learn how our brains are wired, and create and use a process to make better people decisions throughout the workplace.

In this eBook, based on Emtrain’s unconscious bias experts’ experience and training program, you will:

  • Gain an overview of the main unconscious bias concepts
  • Learn practical strategies for managing unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Receive a framework for making good, fact-based people decisions and creating a high-performance culture of inclusion

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