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Cube Crawl: Addressing Workplace Culture at Major Companies

July 18, 2023 |  57 seconds

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In a gaming company in Los Angeles, California, USA, male employees, including a male supervisor, engage in a practice known as the "Cube Crawl," a frat house-style activity reminiscent of a pub crawl but occurring within the office cubicles.

This routine, often involving copious amounts of alcohol, mirrors the dynamics of a frat boy culture. Female employees and co-workers are subjected to actions that amount to sexual harassment, raising serious concerns about the workplace environment.

The durability of such a culture and its impact on employees' well-being is questionable, with no warranty of safety or respect. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) in California takes notice of these practices, which are at odds with fair and respectful workplace standards, especially in a professional setting revolving around video games.