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HIPAA Online Training Course

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a complicated set of statutory and regulatory requirements that govern how protected health information is created, accessed, stored, and transmitted. HIPAA is a critical topic for many employers because violations of HIPAA can lead to highly disruptive and expensive investigations, fines and litigation expenses. But beyond that, the way you treat sensitive and personal healthcare information plays a critical role in how you engage your clients and the individuals involved. How you approach HIPAA and treat sensitive healthcare information can either strengthen - or compromise - both your organization’s culture and reputation. 

Course Description
This course is designed to help learners understand HIPAA’s requirements and to connect the dots between the protections provided in HIPAA and how they impact your organization and clients. It also models appropriate behavior, shows learners how simple steps can be taken to safeguard HIPAA-protected information, and introduces the role and importance of your HIPAA Security Officer. This course was also designed to help employers meet HIPAA training requirements and scrutiny by regulators in the event of an audit or investigation. It features relevant workplace video scenarios, practical tips, and engaging voiceover narration. Learners will also have direct access to an Emtrain course expert. This allows them to anonymously ask questions via our innovative Expert Q&A feature.

Course Snapshot

Course length: 60 minutes

Audience: Managers and employees

Key Concepts

  • What is HIPAA and what does it attempt to do?
  • What are covered entities, business associates, and sub-business associates?
  • What is PHI and ePHI?
  • What is the Privacy Rule and what does it require?
  • Patient access to health records
  • What is the Security Rule and what does it require?
  • Security incidents and HIPAA violations
  • Reporting requirements
  • The role of state laws
  • Common violations and precautions

Course Features

  • Interactive polling questions in the course give employers real insight into how learners feel about the concepts and culture skills presented.
  • Emtrain’s innovative Ask the Expert feature gives learners direct access to course experts.
  • Realistic video workplace scenes model positive workplace behaviors
  • Engaging animations illustrate and reinforce key concepts and takeaways
  • Content gives learners practical tips and guidance to apply in the workplace
  • Tailored to include your branding and policy
  • Available in English with translation options

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