Health Information Privacy Rights

The "Need to Know" Basis

Building some degree of a personal relationship with team members is important. So when someone is out sick for an extended period of time, concern is natural! Even more so during a global pandemic. But it's more important that both coworkers and managers know where to draw the line. Asking about the specifics of a health condition, or the results of an important health screening is a no-go in terms of personal health information privacy.

Microlesson Description

This microlesson intends to teach employees about both their own health information privacy and that of their coworkers. We provide examples of a culture snafu where someone's privacy is not respected, and offer guidance on how to avoid such situations. Built in survey questions will gauge employee sentiment around coworkers' understanding of privacy rights at work.

Key Concepts

  • Employers, managers or co-workers are not entitled to know the substance or details of someone’s health.
  • How to ask about someone’s ability to return to work, and necessary accommodations.
  • How deep are employees’ understanding of privacy rights? Are those rights respected?
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