Letting Others Lead

How to empower each other to lead

One of the most critical skills a manager or leader learns is when to step back and allow someone else to take the reins. It requires trusting others and knowing when someone else may be better equipped to execute a specific project or task. While it can be risky, it's also crucial to innovation and growth.

Microlesson Description

This skill-building microlesson teaches managers how to enable employees to lead more initiatives by recognizing their strengths, skills, and overall professional development throughout their journey with the company. Employees are more likely to feel respected when they take on more responsibilities and feel enthusiastic about their work. By encouraging every employee's personal and professional development, your organization grows, too. The video scenario occurs in a retail setting when a store manager and associate have different ideas on how the store should look for the upcoming holiday season.

This microlesson is part of Emtrain’s skill-building microlessons for retail. The microlesson teaches the skill of Managing Power under the Social Indicator, Enabling Teams.

Key Concepts

  • How to give an employee the opportunity to lead
  • How to enable trust and recognition of one’s expertise or skill 
  • How to lean on employee’s strengths and what to consider before enabling them to lead

How to Use this Content

  • When a new project or initiative is kicked off
  • When an employee or co-worker takes a manager position 
  • During a new hire onboarding process
  • Downloadable skill-building activity sheet – Letting Others Lead – upon lesson completion
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