Giving Fast and Effective Feedback

How to use a positive tone at work

Giving feedback is an important tool in correcting behavior. And it can be tricky — especially when we are pressed for time or in the middle of an important task or project.

Microlesson Description

This skill-building microlesson teaches employees and managers on the best methods for providing fast and effective feedback. In times of stress, we’re bound to slip up, so it’s important that managers provide feedback gently, and effectively. The video takes place in a retail setting where we show a manager correcting an employee who used an incorrect pronoun.

This microlesson is part of Emtrain’s skill-building microlessons for retail. The microlesson teaches the skill of giving fast and positive feedback under the Social Indicator of Managing Trust.

Key Concepts

  • Why giving fast, effective feedback is critical to preventing problematic behavior
  • How to help each other learn and move forward together
  • How to give feedback in the moment

How to Use this Content

  • Skill-building activity sheet: Giving Fast and Effective Feedback upon microlesson completion
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