De-Escalating Conflict Using Positive Language

How to use a positive tone at work

It can be tempting to react to negative situations or behavior with more negativity, but often, this will escalate conflict rather than de-escalate. You can use positive language and tone to effectively de-escalate issues or tense situations in the workplace or any environment. 

Microlesson Description

This skill-building microlesson teaches employees and managers the power of positive language and tone by using words that convey optimism, empathy, and respect. The video scene takes place in a retail setting and shows how a sales associate uses positive language with a frustrated customer to help de-escalate the situation.

This microlesson is part of Emtrain’s skill-building microlessons for retail. The microlesson teaches the skill of using positive language under the social indicator of Encouraging Trust.

Key Concepts

  • How to use positive language, tone, and voice to avoid negative interactions
  • Why using positive language reaches positive outcomes 
  • How positive language ensures building trust and better co-working relationships

How to Use this Content

  • Skill-building activity sheet: Calm Down – Conflict De-Escalation Readiness Exercises upon microlesson completion
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