Gathering All the Facts

How to create a space for everyone

Gathering all the facts and information available before making a decision is crucial to successful outcomes. When we don’t have all the information possible, we will likely make mistakes.

Microlesson Description

This microlesson teaches employees and managers the skills to ensure they have all the critical information when making more informed decisions, troubleshooting potential issues, and more. When kicking off a new project, everyone must be able to provide input and value every piece of information and perspective equally. We create a respectful work environment and healthy workplace dynamics by valuing each other's views. The video in this lesson shows how a team leader handles the situation when someone on his team gets interrupted during a video call.

This microlesson is part of Emtrain’s skill-building microlessons and teaches the skill of gathering all the facts.

Key Concepts

  • When pressed for time, it’s easy to ignore everyone’s perspectives
  • Ensure everyone makes space for others to provide input
  • By valuing input, we create a space where everyone’s voice is heard

How to use this content:

  • Downloadable activity sheet – Gathering All the Facts: Facilitating Input from the Right Stakeholders – upon microlesson completion
  • When a new cross-collaboration project is kicked off
  • During the onboarding process of a new hire


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