Creating More Respectful Interactions

Respect is the foundation of building a healthy, inclusive workplace. When people are disrespectful to each other in the workplace, no one gives any constructive feedback. Therefore, disrespect becomes the norm. Additionally, some people don’t always feel comfortable giving detailed feedback, and they don’t necessarily have to. That’s where the Workplace Color Spectrum® comes in, to make it easy and simple to provide feedback immediately and take action. 

Microlesson Description

In this microlesson, we model how managers can provide instant feedback in a non-confrontational way when they see disrespectful behavior. We aren’t always on our best behavior, especially under stressful situations, but we should always strive to be the best and most respectful to each other. This microlesson is part of our Workplace Color Spectrum® microlesson series.

Key Concepts

  • Use the Workplace Color Spectrum® to pause and analyze behaviors, rate the behavior, then take action.
  • How to intervene when others in the workplace are being rude or insensitive, or hear disrespectful conversations. 
  • Helpful feedback creates a more respectful workplace. 

This microlesson series is recommended as actionable next steps for every organization that received insights through Emtrain’s Respect Scorecard based on assigned training and courses. Interested in learning how it all works together? Contact us for a personalized free demo of our platform and we’ll walk you through a scorecard and its opportunity to inform your company with actionable insights on how to positively impact your workplace culture.

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