Managing Our Frustrations

The Workplace Color Spectrum® Series

Sometimes our emotions get the best of us in the workplace, resulting in conflict and heated conversations. But, we can usually find ways to manage it. That’s where the Workplace Color Spectrum® comes in, to guide us on how to share our concerns, and get the conversations back on track. 

Microlesson Description

This microlesson illustrates how we can hold each other accountable for our behavior, and de-escalate heated conversations. At the moment, we sometimes realize a conversation has become disrespectful. We can call a timeout by using the colors in the Workplace Color Spectrum® to provide immediate feedback. We show learners how they can manage their own behavior by pausing, focusing on the facts, and restarting in a more positive way.

Key Concepts

  • Use the Workplace Color Spectrum® to pause and analyze behaviors, rate the behavior, then take action.
  • How to intervene when a conversation becomes disrespectful and insensitive.
  • You can influence others’ behavior by giving them feedback that the exchange has gone “yellow,” and giving them time to recover.

This microlesson series is recommended as actionable next steps for every organization that received insights through Emtrain’s Respect Scorecard based on assigned training and courses. Interested in learning how it all works together? Contact us for a personalized free demo of our platform and we’ll walk you through a scorecard and its opportunity to inform your company with actionable insights on how to positively impact your workplace culture.

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