Helping a Coworker on a Bad Day

Listen and Proceed with Empathy

New Skill-Building Microlessons Out Now Everyone has their own personal lives and experiences, emergencies or problems that they have to deal with outside of work. Having to work on top of worrying about a personal matter can be very difficult, especially if there is added stress in the work setting. Our colleagues will have bad days, therefore it’s important to be able to support and be understanding. This creates a safe space for everyone.

Microlesson Description

This microlesson illustrates how to listen with empathy and be understanding when a co-worker is having a bad day or is dealing with a personal matter. People who are experiencing negative emotions like sadness, anxiety, or fear will benefit from the support of others, especially people experiencing intersectionality. Listening with empathy contributes to healthy workplaces by showing people you care and support them.

Key Concepts

  • How to make yourself available to the person
  • What cues to watch for
  • How to help them think through their issue
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