Promote DEI in the Workplace


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the workplace indicators to facilitate healthier, stronger workplaces. Employees should feel comfortable being their authentic selves at work even in today’s remote work environment. Every interaction that we make with each other is an opportunity to foster inclusion and belonging. 

This guide is intended to educate your employees on how to promote inclusion, diversity, and belonging in the workplace. In this guide, you and your employees will:

  • Learn about identity dimensions and a framework for understanding our similarities and differences.
  • Explore how curiosity and empathy can help you connect with your colleagues.
  • Find strategies to value and leverage our backgrounds, experiences, and work styles.
  • Consider how to be authentic and foster a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Use this guide as part of your DEI workplace training initiatives for your company. To go along with the guide, check out Emtrain’s workshop deck to get you started on your DEI training. The workshop deck also includes video scenarios taken from our micro lessons and courses, to show examples of different types of bias, workplace situations, inclusion, and more. 


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