Fostering Inclusion and Belonging Workshop

inclusion, belonging, bias
Fostering Inclusion and Belonging Workshop

Did you know only 32% of employees feel they can be their authentic selves at work? In Emtrain’s Workplace Culture Report, we identified the social indicators that impact your workforce, including inclusion and belonging, and unconscious bias.

Fostering inclusion and managing bias help facilitate healthier workplaces. Companies must dive deeper into their workforce to truly understand the way employees see each other and the way we see ourselves.

Use this workshop deck for your inclusion and belonging and unconscious bias training program. In this workshop, we cover:

  • What unconscious bias means 
  • Definition and examples of microaggressions
  • Strategies to manage bias
  • How unconscious bias undermines decision making
  • Fostering inclusion by being an ally 
  • Valuing everyone’s differences
  • How to foster inclusion and improve relationships
  • And much more

The deck also includes video scenarios taken from our micro lessons and courses, to show examples of different types of bias, workplace situations, inclusion, and more. This deck was created and presented by Elizabeth Bohannon, Emtrain’s Workplace Advisor.

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