Bribery and Expense Reports

Bribery Laws and Expense Reports

Employees may often justify their actions, like bending the rules, taking shortcuts to make things easier, and practicing bribery to get deals done. However, eventually, it will catch up with them and will face the consequences they’ve never expected. 

Microlesson Description

In this microlesson, we show how violating one of these “books and records” provisions can send an employee to jail, even if they’ve never bribed anyone. The lesson explains that bribery laws include provisions that require people and companies to keep accurate records of their expenses and expenditures overseas.

Key Concepts

  • Authorities don’t have to prove that someone actually committed bribery, but show the employee didn’t account for their expenses properly.
  • It’s easier for investigators to prove an employee submitted a false expense report than to show they bribed someone. 
  • Violating a “books and records” provision can send employees to jail and result in huge fines for them and the company. 
  • Employees getting fired over expense report(s) that violates policy.
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