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Insider trading is a crime—and an insidious threat to the operation, reputation, and culture of your organization.  From a financial perspective, insider trading represents a legal risk with the potential for significant fines and penalties, the loss of important leaders in the organization who may be fired or imprisoned, and lengthy, disruptive, and expensive investigations. 
From a cultural perspective, insider trading reflects a clear conflict of interest and a willingness to get ahead at the expense of the company and other employees. It feeds the narrative that your organization is being managed and manipulated by a small group of insiders for their benefit—and undercuts worker commitment and performance. 

This course helps learners understand the basics of insider trading, how to avoid missteps that may not be intuitive to frontline managers and employees, and highlights the potential for personal and organizational penalties for insider trading violations. 

What is Insider Trading training? Insider trading training teaches employees how to identify what information is private to the business (inside information) and practices in order to prevent penalties such as getting fined or even sentenced to prison.

Course Description
Insider Trading is designed for corporate executives, service professionals (law, finance, accounting), and all people with access to business information that is not easily available to the general investing public. Our expert is Tim Crudo, former Assistant US Attorney in San Francisco, who was responsible for several high profile prosecutions of company executives for insider trading.

This Insider Trading training course:

  • focuses on the practical
  • teaching learners to identify “material, non-public, inside information”
  • the risk posed by expert networks
  • when “helpful” information crosses the line to non-public “inside” information

This Insider Trading Training course also gives learners direct access to Emtrain’s course experts and can confidentially ask questions via our innovative Expert Q&A feature.

Insider Trading Training primary image Insider Trading Training secondary image Insider Trading Training tertiary image

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Course Snapshot

Course length: 35 minutes

Audience: Managers and employees

Key Concepts

  • What is “inside information?”
  • Where do people get inside information?
  • What is a duty of trust?
  • The basics of tipping.
  • How tipping happens and can lead to trouble for friends and family.
  • How mishandling confidential information can lead to enterprise risk, even if the conduct does not amount to insider trading.
  • The rules around trading windows.
  • Information about organizational policies and restrictions.

Course Features

  • Interactive quizzes and polling questions
  • Ask an Expert feature allows learners to ask subject matter experts questions about the materials covered and view other learner’s questions on the same topic
  • Attach a PDF of, or link to, your written insider trading policy included for learners to review and acknowledge
  • Branded with your organization’s logo
  • Available in English and translatable


Course Experts

Timothy Crudo
Corporate Risk and Governance Expert
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