Ethics Diagnostic

Measure Compliance Culture

Spot problem areas for compliance, and measure employee understanding of your compliance policies. There are 4 key workplace indicators that drive corporate ethics - decision making, organizational norms, accountability, and trust. Do you know how your organization stacks up in these areas? Ensure that your workforce is acting in your organization's best interest, following the processes that have been laid out, and making the most ethical decisions.

Microlesson Description

Get an assessment of your compliance culture with this new diagnostic survey. Videos set the stage for testing on concepts around trust, accountability, decision making, and norms of behavior. In addition to gauging these 4 indicators of ethical behavior, the lesson includes five questions that support the DOJ's recommendations that employers measure employee sentiment with an engagement survey. An Insights Report of aggregated results provides benchmarking and captures a record of employee sentiment.

Key Concepts

  • Using diagnostic questions that measure ethical behaviors
  • Employee sentiment questions around compliance processes
  • Engage users through quality content about ethics and compliance with provocative workplace scenario videos
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