DOJ’s Guidance on Corporate Compliance Programs

Guide to the Latest DOJ Compliance Training Recommendations

On June 1, 2020 the Department of Justice updated its guidance issues in their Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs, originally released in April of 2019. This new guidance significantly raised the bar for what is expected of compliance training programs. The DOJ has new reporting standards, policy management expectations, employee sentiment survey suggestions, and much more.

This comprehensive guide will give you the rundown of what the Department of Justice expects as far as corporate compliance training programs go. It is intended to guide legal teams in their evaluation of their organizations compliance program because it sets out the updated expectations of prosecutors, per the DOJs standards. Check out these top ten lessons compliance officers can learn from the new guidance, and what to do now to update your program based on this new information. For a more detailed dive into this head to our blog for some Insights from the DOJ’s New Compliance Training Standards.

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