Facing Criticism

Managing Emotions When We're Corrected

In a workplace where employees make an active effort to create safe, inclusive, and diverse environments, confrontation happens. When someone says something offensive or even cruel without realizing it, it's important they're made aware of their misstep. However, these interactions may trigger emotional responses that can exacerbate the situation.

Microlesson Description

This microlesson aims to equip employees with the skills to handle constructive criticism effectively. It provides learners with valuable tools to manage their emotions in such situations and emphasizes the importance of accepting feedback and using it as a catalyst for personal growth. Use this microlesson to turn workplace culture missteps to learning opportunities.

Facing Criticism is one of three microlessons in our new Inclusive Language series. It partners well with the microlessons Inclusive Language Creates Belonging, and The Principles of Inclusive Language. The lessons are also available as a full course, Inclusive Language Training, which contains an additional lesson.

Key Concepts

  • It can be frustrating to work in a changing workplace
  • It takes courage to confront non-inclusive language or behaviors
  • Take care to manage your emotions before responding to criticism
  • Correct mistakes as soon as you become aware of them
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