The Principles of Inclusive Language

Drive Positive Change

Promoting a truly inclusive, equitable, and productive workplace hinges on educating employees about exclusionary or subtly offensive language. Teach your teams to prioritize the use of clear and straightforward language, steering clear of idioms or colloquial expressions. Encourage both yourself and your organization to critically examine the notion of "normal" language.

Microlesson Description

This microlesson provides the practical application for an inclusive language initiative. Learn how to identify and practice using inclusive language with 6 simple principles.

The Principles of Inclusive Language is one of three microlessons in our new Inclusive Language series. It partners well with the microlessons Inclusive Language Creates Belonging, and Facing Criticism. The lessons are also available as a full course, Inclusive Language Training, which contains an additional lesson.

Key Concepts

  • Use simple language whenever possible
  • Don’t make assumptions about what is normal or expected
  • Understand and use language to reflect reality
  • Continued education is key
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