African Americans and the Arts

Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating African American artists is not only a means of acknowledging their resilience, creativity, and cultural contributions throughout history, but also a powerful way to recognize the rich tapestry of African American experiences. By learning about the accomplishments and impact of African Americans in the arts, we gain a deeper understanding of their unique perspectives and the challenges they have overcome.

Microlesson Description

Embrace the opportunity to explore and appreciate the diverse narratives that Black artists bring to the forefront, fostering a more inclusive and vibrant artistic community. This microlesson provides a brief but impactful glance at some of the many accomplishments of black artists who have made their mark on US history as well as around the world.

Key Concepts

  • Black artists often go uncelebrated or acknowledged.
  • Artists have long used their mediums to address systemic injustice and explore what it means to be Black
  • Systemic racism has resulted in Black individuals having unequal access to creating art and gaining recognition
  • Ways to celebrate and support black artists
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