Emtrain’s Milestones Toward Building Healthier Workplaces

2021 was an incredible year for Emtrain, for HR professionals, for diversity and inclusion folks, for all who are trying to make a positive impact in workplace culture. There have been many challenges that came across our way, but together, we overcame them in the most Emtrain way possible – with empathy, understanding, and teamwork. As a way to celebrate the progress made over the course of 2021, we’d like to share some milestones toward building healthier workplaces, none of which would be possible without our community of HR, Culture, and People Leaders. 

Milestones Toward Building Healthier Workplaces

Employee Sentiments

Emtrain collected more than 50 million employee sentiments! This is so important in working towards and maintaining a healthy work environment because it gives a chance for employees to share their thoughts and feelings on their work culture. Employee sentiment data provides organizations with information about what needs to be changed and improved so they can take those necessary steps. It also encourages open communication and overall transparency within the company, giving way for any necessary change to happen. 

Expert Answers and Active Learners

We provided expert answers to 1,200 learner questions this year and we’re so happy to share that we reached and trained more than 1.9 million active learners. We love to provide any support needed and we’re passionate about helping to facilitate the change to create healthy work cultures. We are so excited to continue this progress in 2022. 

Brand New Courses and Videos

In addition, we produced over 1,500 timely relevant videos for our courses and over 5.1 million courses have been completed within the Emtrain platform! We are so pleased that we have provided courses to help improve the work environments of so many companies and we will continue to dedicate our time to working towards a future where everyone experiences a healthy and inclusive work culture. 

Looking Ahead

The work isn’t done yet! We have big plans for 2022 and we are committed  to have an even bigger impact on workplace ethics, respect, and diversity & inclusion than ever before. With your partnership, we will create the best places to work at. Thank you for an incredible year and for being part of our journey to facilitate healthier, inclusive workplaces for everyone. 

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