Bringing a Different Perspective

Valuing Diversity

New Skill-Building Microlessons Out Now Differences between people are something that should be celebrated, not minimized. A team that is composed of a diverse group of people will have more varied perspectives to draw from when making decisions. Though differences can sometimes lead to disagreements, those who keep an open mind and take time to hear all viewpoints will be far more effective than those who do not.

Microlesson Description

In this microlesson, we see two different scenarios: one in which an alternate viewpoint is pushed to the side, and one in which it is taken into consideration. When people, especially those in leadership roles, fail to take the perspective of others into account, it sends the message that the team does not care about the experience of those people. Even more, by ignoring those perspectives, people can miss key insights that would otherwise help them solve the problem. Taking the time to get several different inputs will make a team more effective and more cohesive as a group.

Key Concepts

  • How to solicit varied inputs from different groups of people
  • Ways that diversity makes a group more effective at its job
  • How to create a work environment where everyone can share their ideas
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