Engaging Our Active Listening Skills

Creating a safe space for everyone

New Skill-Building Microlessons Out NowIt can be easy to ignore what other people have to say or to only hear them out at a surface level. But deeply understanding a situation often requires listening to others with focus and an open mind. Active listening is critical, especially in fields like healthcare, where every detail counts.

Microlesson Description

In this microlesson, we show how a manager can utilize several active listening strategies in an exit interview with a doctor. By creating a safe space for discussion, asking open-ended questions, and picking up on nonverbal cues, coworkers can have deeper, more substantive conversations. Active listening lets people get the feedback they need to grow and improve, in healthcare and in other fields as well.

Key Concepts

  • How to create a safe space for people to speak openly
  • Ways to establish an honest, supportive dialogue
  • The myriad of benefits that comes with active listening
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