Managing Employee Burnout

Due to the excessive strain that COVID-19 has put on workforces everywhere, whether it be from layoffs or the pressure of keeping up with work from home, employee burnout rates are markedly increasing. Burnout may seem like an inevitable part of corporate culture, but this is a dangerous misconception. By monitoring workplace culture, regularly checking in with employees, and effectively managing workloads, employee burnout can both be spotted before it happens or prevented altogether.

Employing data from an impressive study by the Human Capital Institute, this guide gives you a brief rundown of what employee burnout looks like, and provides practical tips on how to prevent it. Spot the symptoms of burnout and learn how to develop healthy organizational norms and practices to prevent it from happening in the future.

While we may be experiencing extraneous circumstances–namely a global pandemic–that are contributing to employee burnout, the key factor at play is workplace culture. Learn to develop a culture of trust, where employees can be transparent about issues they are dealing with at work, and communicate when they are feeling burnt out.

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