Onboarding Checklist : First 30-Days

Are you leaving new employee onboarding to chance? If you don’t have a documented new hire onboarding process in place, you’re missing out on a competitive advantage. Senior leaders know that top employers are those who are able to onboard new employees quickly and effectively! Effective onboarding increases team productivity; ingrains organizational values in new recruits; amplifies ongoing recruitment efforts (through positive word of mouth); and decreases turnover as effective onboarding is a predictor of employee success.

Well-known talent expert Steve Cadigan shares his playbook for effective onboarding in this 30-Day Onboarding Checklist for new hires. Steve’s checklist covers:

  • How to get a head start: from paperwork–the necessary forms and agreements–to communicating with IT to get your new employee’s laptop and email address ready, this list of to-do’s a week or two before hire date will make your new employee productive right away.
  • What to do on their first day: introductions might be obvious, but don’t forget sharing the company’s vision, mission, and values, setting expectations for behavior, and agreeing work hours.
  • How to make that first week productive: help integration and inclusion by asking team members to train and introduce your new employee to key colleagues, have the manager and new employee start to work on a 30-60-90 day plan of key deliverables.
  • Ramping up in the rest of the first month: make time for feedback and questions, continue to have teammates train and introduce new colleagues. Now’s the time for the employee to formally demonstrate their ability to perform an essential job duty, and sign off on agreed quarterly goals and objectives.

Why is an Onboarding Checklist important?

An onboarding checklist is important because it lets the new hire know what is expected of them and what they should be prepared for. It’s also helpful for the company because it reminds the onboarding team everything the new hire needs to learn so they don’t forget anything and keeps them on track

Download this 30-day onboarding checklist template and you will:

  • Learn a successful onboarding method that helps integrate and include every new employee to help ensure their long-term success
  • Make your new employees productive at the earliest opportunity
  • Start a culture of transparency around behavioral expectations, key job duties and employee’s contribution to company goals and values.
  • Gain a competitive advantage from greater employee engagement and satisfaction
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