People Analytics: Why We Benchmark Across Industries

People Analytics: Why We Benchmark Across Industries

Today’s most successful HR leaders and healthiest yet inclusive workplaces use data and metrics to inform every business and workforce decision. To make even more informed decisions, create organizational change, and attract new talent, HR and People Leaders need to benchmark their data against similar and different businesses. For example, if you’re a FinTech company benchmarketing your data against an EdTech organization or vice versa, what would that outcome look like and how would it help your company? What challenges would come up?

Emtrain’s eLearning and data-driven platform benchmarks company data against the global database across various industries, locations, and employee count. Why? Listen to the webinar to find out! Chief Innovation Officer Robert Todd and Senior Director of Organizational Psychology Dr. Leann Pereira dive into why we use benchmarking to understand the employee experience.

In this webinar, they show you…

  • the pros and cons of benchmarking within and across industries and what this diagnostic looks like
  • the value of employee listening to understand their perspective on specific workplace issues and topics
  • Emtrain’s strategic approach and philosophy on benchmarking; how we can identify problem areas so you can be more proactive, effective, and intentional about creating a healthier workplace culture

Interested in seeing how your organization benchmarks against the global database? Reach out to one of our experts to get a free personalized demo!

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