Unconscious Bias Workshop Management

Unconscious bias is the result of our brain’s predisposition for pattern matching. It is not the same as bias, which is often the result of prejudice and conscious assumptions. We use unconscious bias to make decisions every day, and these are not always the wrong decisions.

Because pattern matching is the process of matching information that we are presently receiving to information previously stored in the brain, it can teach us to steer clear of danger and avoid irrational decisions. Unfortunately, it can also affect some of our professional habits and business decisions that should be based on logic and reasoning as opposed to intuition.

What is an Unconscious Bias Workshop?
An unconscious bias workshop is a method used to educate employees on the basics of unconscious biases, and how they inhibit diversity, inclusion, and productivity at work. Unconscious bias training should cover issues such as microaggressions, bias in recruitment and hiring, and bias in performance reviews.

Unconscious workplace bias affects who gets hired and fired, who gets promoted, and who is assigned support tasks at work. This free unconscious bias training workshop slide deck can help you take steps to avoid bias decisions making and build a healthy and fair workplace culture.

It was written by our subject matter experts and contains many of our provocative workplace scenarios. These workplace drama videos add color and context to your compliance training program and keep your learners engaged throughout the process.

The Managing Unconscious Bias Workshop will help to:

  1. Define unconscious bias
  2. Explain and curb microaggressions
  3. Address the negatives of pattern matching
  4. Develop strategies to overcome unconscious bias

Download this free slide deck now to stop unconscious bias in its tracks in your workplace. If you enjoy this workshop, check out our Managing Unconscious Bias Online Training Course, which gives you access to our exclusive culture analytics platform, Emtrain AI.

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