#MeToo Sexual Harassment Prevention Toolkit

All the tools you need in one place to help cure your workplace of sexual harassment

Preventing Workplace Harassment Course

This course meets all training requirements related to harassment, including California’s AB 1825, AB 2053, SB 396 and laws in Connecticut, New Jersey and Maine. Get a free trial today!

Online Course

Making Sense of #MeToo at Work Webinar

Watch as our harassment-prevention expert, Patti Perez, presents an informative, practical and interactive session where she will address ways that we can all work together to cure our workplaces of the disease of sexual harassment.


Letter to Employees: Workplace Harassment Prevention

This letter template will provide company leaders with a fresh, new approach to developing trust with your employee using modern language that addresses commitment to a healthy workplace culture.


Why is Sexual Harassment Still a Thing?

It’s time we face the fact that sexual harassment claims and conduct have been pushed under the rug in organizations for a long time until recently. If you don’t know how to create a culture to eliminate it when it stirs up, your organization could end up all over the headlines.


Ask an Expert

Have a harassment related question? Ask our experts and browse Q&A from other anonymous askers!


What if I've Been a Victim of Sexual Harassment?

A checklist created by our harassment expert, Patti Perez, to give victims of bad behavior in the workplace a guide on what kind of positive, non-legal action they can take if they believe that they are being harassed.


Why the Traditional Approach to Harassment Prevention Doesn’t Work

This guide has been designed to help the reader understand why the mandatory harassment training solution model that most companies use simply does not work.


#MeToo Video - Am I Guilty?

With the #MeToo movement, some men are terrified that just one "slip-up" will end their careers, and others are wondering if something they said or did years ago will come back to haunt them now. Patti Perez gives practical answers to common questions regarding these concerns.


#MeToo Video - Addressing the Issue

Patti Perez, Emtrain's Vice President of Workplace Strategy and Workplace Harassment expert, gives 5 tips on discouraging bad behavior in the workplace for company leadership in the age of the #MeToo movement.


#MeToo Video - If It Happened to Me

Patti Perez, Emtrain's Vice President of Workplace Strategy and harassment expert, answers common questions and gives helpful tips regarding the #MeToo movement and how to address this behavior.


#MeToo Video - If I Was a Witness

How do you go from being an bystander to and "UPstander?" If you've been a witness to harassment in the workplace, it can be hard to know how to step in or even what to do. Patti Perez gives you advice on several actions you can take if you're a witness to harassment. So you can go from feeling powerless to really making a difference.


#MeToo Video - At Work

The #MeToo movement demands that companies do more than just not violate the law and dodge litigation. But if it's not compliance, what should companies focus on to really make a difference? Patti Perez explains how leadership of companies can promote a healthy workplace culture, rather than just compliance.


#MeToo Video - Real World Questions

An interview with Patti Perez on frequently asked questions regarding harassment and the #MeToo and #Timesup movements in the workplace.


The Workplace Color Spectrum

Use this as a guide for having a safe and neutral language that employees and managers can use to call out unhealthy workplace actions as they happen.


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