Managing Unconscious Bias: Videos Model New Strategies

An inclusive and diverse workforce not only produces better results, it allows for employee’s strengths, talents and perspectives to be heard. Organizations encouraging a variety of opinions from employees working towards a common goal can result in stronger workplace relationships and more successful teams.

When your organization becomes aware of common stereotypes that happen on a subconscious level, employees can better understand the influence these biases can have on different aspects of their work experience.  Once awareness is established, it creates the opportunity to impact behavior.

Modeling behavior and giving examples can be a helpful way to point out new ways to address bias in the workplace. Emtrain recently updated our Managing Unconscious Bias Course with relevant workplace videos that model strategies to minimize bias in three key areas: recruiting and hiring, team dynamics and career development.

In team dynamics we have found most people can benefit from guidelines on how to better lead and/or participate effectively in a meeting. We all have experienced interruptions in meetings, whether we are the one getting too enthusiastic or the one being interrupted. This new video allows employees to experience a team meeting where meeting norms are established up front and an interruption is effectively managed.

Sharing best practices and providing resources such as these can assist all members in an organization to make better decisions.

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Alicia Busse

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