People Leader Conference 2021

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Designing Workplaces to Bring Out the Best in People’ took place on September 22, 2021.

Emtrain’s goal is to create the most profound community of program operators, thought leaders, and doers. The conference focused on real stories, real conversations, and real results. Our market is fragmented and we believe that now is the time to bring it together to truly create lasting solutions. Emtrain’s virtual People Leader Conference 2021 brought leaders and individual contributors alike together to share their experiences, issues they all face and possible solutions.

Check out some of the recorded sessions and panel discussions on the right-hand side to hear from the experts on pressing HR and culture issues, get actionable insights into the industry, and how leaders from DEI, HR, and Compliance overcame their challenges. 

Opening Remarks by Janine Yancey (Founder & CEO, Emtrain) and Odessa Jenkins

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