Preventing Workplace Harassment Training Course

A harassment training program that keeps your company compliant and your employees engaged.

Emtrain has uncovered that inclusion and respect are tightly correlated. Preventing harassment in the workplace is more than just building respect; it supports the foundation of creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels they belong and are respected. But without pro-social skills, the concept of “respect” and “inclusion” may not be as simple as it sounds in a diverse environment.

Emtrain’s harassment prevention training course ensures employees develop pro-social skills that increase respect and decrease conflicts and incidents that could be perceived as harassment or bias. Employees and managers are equipped with the resources they need to identify, address, and prevent disrespectful conduct in the workplace, all while covering regulatory compliance. 

Using Emtrain’s Workplace Social Indicators™ framework and pulsing learners on their assessment and observations of workplace conduct, we’re able to provide clients visibility into their strengths and weaknesses of respectful employee behavior and provide an early warning to emerging problems.  

In 4 easy steps, the Preventing Workplace Harassment Training Course enables you to:

  • Meet state-mandated training regulations.
  • Use a shared language to enable feedback, common ground, and a tool to course correct in real-time.
  • Identify, measure, and manage the organizational and employee behaviors that lead to disrespect.
  • Benchmarks your culture of Respect as compared to others in Emtrain’s community and provides recommended content and actions to improve Respect in your workplace culture.

Emtrain's Preventing Workplace Harassment Course covers the following:

  • Protected characteristics
  • Quid pro quo
  • Hostile work environment
  • Unwelcome conduct
  • How conduct becomes illegal
  • Retaliation or Victimisation (Canada)
  • Upstander to Bystander
  • Managers’ duties to report
  • Workplace Violence (Canada)
  • And more...

The extended harassment training online course covers Ageism, Bias, Power Dynamics, Language and Culture, Sexual Orientation, Disabilities, and more, under the umbrella of Respect and Harassment.


What is a Preventing Workplace Harassment training course?

A Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment training course for employees helps identify the different forms of harassment, what is considered legal and illegal by state, and how to be an up-stander when misconduct is happening in the workplace. 

Preventing Workplace Harassment Training Course

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This harassment in the workplace prevention training online course has versions that range from 35 minutes to 2 hours, enabling you to train at various intervals, pursuant to the Department of Justice's recent updates to their Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs.

Course Versions

  • Managers
    • 60 Minutes (Timed or Untimed)
    • 120 Minutes (Timed or Untimed)
  • Employees
    • 35 Minutes (Timed or Untimed)
    • 60 minutes (Timed or Untimed)
    • 70 minutes (Timed or Untimed)

Language Options

  • English
  • Spanish
  • 50 Machine Translation Options


  • Optional program timer
  • Policy acknowledgement tool
  • Ask the Expert
  • Extensive customization options

Meet All State and Federal Training Mandates

Our course meets all training requirements related to sexual harassment and bullying, including those in California (AB1825, AB2053, SB396, and SB1343), New York State (NYHRL/§201-G), New York City (Local Law 96), Illinois (IHRA/WTA/§§2-109, 2.110), Delaware (DEA/HC 360), Connecticut (§46A) and Maine (§807). Emtrain’s 120-minute course helps employers meet requirements in Connecticut and, for those still training supervisors biennially, in California. The 70-minute program may be used by employers still training non-supervisory employees in California every other year. We recommend that all employers train their employees annually, to reinforce your policies, and encourage good behavior–this is why we have multiple course length offerings. Our content was reviewed and edited by top subject matter authorities, including domain experts who testified before the California legislature and helped draft the most recent California training requirements legislation.

Take Advantage of the Workplace Color Spectrum

The Workplace Color Spectrum® is a shared language tool to help you and your workforce describe a range of behaviors in non-offensive, non-adversarial terms. Our clients incorporate the Workplace Color Spectrum® into their workplace and employee experience, from orientation and onboarding to performance management to transitioning out of an organization.

We hear stories from our clients regarding the utility of the Workplace Color Spectrum®. It might be an employee stopping a CEO from telling an offensive joke, or a callout when a picture shared in a slack thread is a bit off-color. Regardless, HR teams can leverage the Workplace Color Spectrum® whenever employee conduct does not reflect organizational values.

Note from the CEO

We’re in the middle of a paradigm shift because we have evolving social norms that affect the workplace and we lack a shared understanding of what’s respectful and what’s not. These changing social norms trigger conflict as people struggle to find common ground and universally held values. In short, one person’s view of disrespect and/or harassment is different than another’s and co-workers and teams are not on the same page when it comes to which actions are acceptable or unacceptable.

Solely focusing on the legal definition does not help; the law’s method for providing an objective, universal standard is to send a situation to a jury of 12 people to decide. That’s clearly not a practical method to navigate and solve issues in the moment. To fill the gap, Emtrain provides the Workplace Color Spectrum® so people can color code conduct, not people, and provide instantaneous feedback on conduct and achieve common ground for acceptable versus unacceptable conduct.

Disrespect, bias and harassment are predictable if you know what to look and listen for. Just like a physical health condition has indicators of an emerging problem, there are Workplace Social Indicators™ that provide stakeholders visibility to growing risk of disrespect, bias and/or harassment within teams in the organization. There are six Workplace Social Indicators™ for Respect and Emtrain weaves them throughout the lessons in this program, as well as integrating related diagnostic questions, so that not only is Emtrain helping you meet a training regulation and educate your employees, we are also providing you a heat map, benchmark report and remedial plan to improve the respect within your workplace culture.

Course Experts

Simone Francis
Employment Law Expert
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Janine Yancey
Founder & CEO Workplace Visionary
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Ute Krudewagen
International Workplace Harassment Expert
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Elizabeth Bohannon
Employment Law Expert
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